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Chile is a small island that hardly stretches over forty-three thousand kilometers. The place is famous to have the huge glacial mountains and the driest deserts in the world, near the place San Pedro de Atacama. Chile is a marvel of nature; in here you will find beautiful lakes, hot water springs, islands, glaciers and even volcanoes. One can witness the nature's diversification at its best here. Sebastian Pinera is the head of the state. The place is believed to be the world's fifth largest exporter of finest wines. Chinchorro mummy is the oldest mummy that is found in the region and it dates back to almost 5050 BC. The people of the country are very hospitable and it is best that one should get benefited from the guided tour to explore all the worth seeing sights at the place. The Isla Robinson Crusoe is a place worth visiting and moving to.

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