About Webcam World

WebCam World was born on 1st September 1998 as the FIRST Internet Portal devoted to WebCams: it's now the biggest place offering content and services related to WebCams: ranging from common hardware and software to strange devices and things developed by WebCam users, and offering you a wide range of services related to the WebCam community, such as a Developers Zone, WebCam Support Forum, a WebRing, monthly polls, WebCam On-line Store, mailing lists, a Top 100 WebCams Ranking and much more!

It was created because of the lack of resources on the WebCam scene through the Internet: no more search engines, nor just lists of links, nor searchable linked information! At WebCam World you'll find a Portal to this technology called "webcam", people that will help you achieving your objectives and people operating true WebCams!

The people behind it has wide experience in the WebCam field. "We were already there when back in the early 90's only a few cameras populated the World Wide Web".

As a summary, you'll find answers to these and many other questions:

Enjoy your stay!