Oregon Webcams

The region where the state of Oregon is located was visited very first time by some Europeans. It ratified the constitution of the country and became the part of United States as its 33rd state. Its capital is the city of Salem. The stunning natural beauty of the state leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of visitors. This state is famous for widespread forests, volcanic cliffs, green valleys, highlands and seashores.It is bordered by California and Nevada on southern side, as well as Washington on the north. It meets the Pacific Ocean on west and the state of Idaho on east. Columbia, Deschutes, Willamette, John Day and Snake are its main rivers. Oregon is producing high tech products such as different equipments related to electronic printers, calculators, display monitors, microchips and microprocessors. It is producing very high quality timber from the trees of Douglas fir and ponderosa pine as well. Most of the income comes from the mining sector and is generated through mined products such as pumice stone, clays, diatomite, gold and gems. Huge revenues are contributed to the economy from agricultural products such as greenhouse, dairy products, calves, and hay.

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