Oklahoma Webcams

In November 1907 the state of Oklahoma was formed by merging the Oklahoma Territory and Indiana Territory. It became the part of United States as its 46th state. Its capital is Oklahoma City. This twentieth most widespread and twenty-eighth densely inhabited state among 50 United States where people speak more than 50 different languages. It is situated in the south central part of the country. It shares the borders with Colorado and Kansas on the north. Texas is located on its southern border as well as Missouri and Arkansas on the eastern one. New Mexico is situated on western side of the state. Red, Arkansas and Canadian are its major rivers.This state has an economy with highest growth rate in the country. The economy of the state is based on its aerospace industry, power generation sector, telecom and biotechnology. The state is also a chief producer of mined products such as natural gas and oil. In addition, the agriculture sector is also contributing to strengthening the economy.

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