North Dakota Webcams

Native Americans settled the state of North Dakota thousands of years ago and it was visited the very first time by European traders in 1700s. This state ratified the constitution of United States in November 2, 1889 as its 39th state. Officially it is known as "The Peace Garden State". It meets the international boundary of Canada on its northern side and South Dakota is located on the southern border. Minnesota is located on its eastern side and Montana on the west. James, Red and Missouri are its major rivers. The state of North Dakota has one of the largest agricultural economies of the country, with great support from its tremendously rich and fertile soil. The most important agricultural products are sugar beets, soybeans and wheat. Livestock also produces significant income for the state. Manufacturing industry is producing a wide range of products such as computer, parts of motor vehicles, electronics and fabricated metals. Petroleum, coal and natural gas are the mined products of the state.

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