Nebraska Webcams

The Midwestern US state of Nebraska was founded back in 1867. The capital of the state is Lincoln, while Omaha is its largest city. Nebraska faces extreme temperatures in both winters and summers, with frequent tornadoes and thunderstorms. It has one of the lowest population density and most of which lives in rural areas. It produces goods like beef, pork, soya beans and maize in great quantity. Due to its lush green fields and plains, it is a perfect place for cattle grazing. Nebraska is touched by South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. It has 93 counties in total. Kool-Aid is Nebraska's official soft-drink which was conceived by Edwin Perkins back in 1927 in the Hastings city. Nebraska is also home to some of the greatest industries and multinational heavyweights like Berkshire Hathaway, Woodmen of the world, ConAgra and Kawasaki. It is also home to world's biggest train yard.

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