Louisiana Webcams

Louisiana state is located in the southern region of United States. It was admitted as one of the states of US on 30th April 1812, 18th at that time. It is bordered by Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. The climate in here is classified as subtropical and humid. The state endures long hot summers and rather short and mild winters. However, a number of hurricanes hitting the state have been of some worry to its residents. There are a number of recreational areas such as parks, historical sites, museums etc throughout the state observing some tourist activity. Baton Rouge is the state capital while New Orleans is the biggest city, which is quite a popular one. Seafood is one of the biggest and most prominent industries in the state. Others include cotton, soya beans, eggs, rice, dairy products, cattle, sugarcane and poultry. It is also abundant in petroleum and gas.

Bourbon Street - New Orleans
Live streaming video/audio on a corner of Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

French Quartercam
Live shots from the French Quarter in New Orleans!

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