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Lying in the Rocky Mountain area of US is the state of Idaho, also known as the Potato State due to the popular and abundance crop in the state. It came into existence on the 3rd of June 1980, becoming the 43rd state of the US at the time. One of the other things Idaho is famous for are the gems. The state is blessed with abundant wealth of all kinds of gems and star garnets, so much that it is also called The Gem state. Most of the state's area is covered by rocks and mountainous terrain. It is also one of the reasons of low population density of the state. It is a landlocked state, means it is covered from all sides by lands of different states, which are Nevada, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah as well as British Columbia, the Canadian province. There are also many famous rivers and lakes in the state.

Brundage Mountain Ski Area
WebCams and weather info for Brundage Mountain Ski Area.

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