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A Dutch sailor, Henry Hudson, explored the land of Delaware in 1609. It is the very first state which ratified the US constitution, on Dec 7, 1787. The city of Dover is the capital of the state. It is known with three nicknames; First Sate, Diamond State and Small Wonder. Its nicknames refer to its small size and wealthy part of the country. Delaware is the 45th most populous state of the country. Its bordering states are Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It faces the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay. The state has very lenient laws for the business industry due to which very large number of business organizations, corporations, banks, companies offering financial services have their main offices in north part of the state. Major agricultural products come from dairy, fishing and harvesting sectors. Chicken, vegetables, soybean, potatoes and corn are the major products contributing to the economy. Tourism is also an important factor of the state's economy.

Rehoboth Beach
View of boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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