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California remained the part of Mexico until 1848. It became a territory of United States with a Treaty after a war with Mexico. The official nickname of the state is 'The Golden State'. This state is also known as 'The land of milk and honey'. The capital city of the state is Sacramento. California is the third largest state of United States. Its bordering states are Arizona and Nevada (East), Oregon (North) and it meets up the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is a leading state among all the states of U.S. when it comes to the farm income. It is famous as an agriculture powerhouse of the country. Most significant crop of the state is of poppy flower. It is a medicinal plant which is generating multibillion dollar business every year for the country. The agriculture sector also contributes with up to 73% of the revenues from crops and rest of the revenues is derived from livestock, dairy products, manufacturing, mining, fishing and other services.

Golden Gate Bridge Cam popular
This is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Pacific Heights in San Francisco. This camera captures the 746 foot tall South Tower of the 1.2 mile bridge. Opened in 1937 the bridge has a clear span of 4200 feet.The roadway is supported by 36.5 inch diameter cables - 220 feet above the San Francisco Bay. Nearly 45 million vehicles traverse the span annually. The Palace of Fine Arts is also visible in the lower right hand corner of the image.

Hollywood Boulevard
Live streaming webcam overlooking the famous Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Venice Beach
Webcam updated every minute of the Venice Boardwalk and beach.

Sea Lion - PIER 39 San Francisco
Watch the Sea Lions on our LIVE web cam at K Dock at PIER 39 in San Francisco!

House Boat Cam - Sausalito
The Historic Sausalito Floating Home community is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. This Web Camera is located on board a Floating Home - Also know as a Houseboat - less the propulsion! The Floating Home harbors are located on the edge of Richardson Bay, which is part of San Francisco Bay. The tides in the bay range 5-7 feet twice a day. The houseboats are located on a tidal flat - you may see mud rather than water.

San Francisco Bay
OCSC Sailing School's San Francisco Bay Webcam gives you a live view of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco Bay conditions. You can actually see our sailing lessons in progress.

Mission Bay Beach
Live beach webcam of Mission Bay in San Diego at the Bahia Resort Hotel.

San Diego Zoo
Several webcams at San Diego Zoo, California. You can look at elephants, pandas, polar bears, penguins, koalas, tigers, condors, and apes.

Santa Cruz Wharf
Live view of the Santa Cruz, CA wharf and ocean view of Cowell's Surfing beach

The Panasonic Hollywood Sign
The Official Panasonic Hollywood Sign WebCam. 24-hour coverage of the goings-on on the most famous celebrity in Hollywood.

Golden Gate Bridge
View of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco updated every minute.

Catamaran Hotel
Beautiful view over sunny San Diego, USA.

San Francisco Bay Area Webcam
See the view of the Editorial Office of the Silicon Valley Blog. On the left site you see the Skyline of San Francisco, on the right Site Oakland & Alameda.

Caspar Beach Rv Park Webcam
This is the view from Caspar Beach RV Park looking west toward the ocean.

San Francisco
Live streaming cam that pans around to show various views such like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Hyde St. Pier.

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