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San Marino is located at the Italian peninsula. The capital city of San Marino is city of San Marino. The total population is more than 30,000 and the total area comprises of 61 km2. In council of Europe, San Marino is the less populated country. The largest city of San Marino is Dogana. The official language is Italian. The currency used in this nation is euro, although it is not the member of European Union. The designs of the coin can be customized according to San Marino designs. The economy is mainly dependent on the banking, ceramics and electronic industries. In the agriculture sector of San Marino, cheese and wine are the highly produced items. From the tourism sector, the visitors add up to 2.2% to the GDP as the total number of tourists is around 2 million every year. The dominant religion followed by most of the population in this state is catholic. The road, railways and airways are developed and maintained.

View of Romagna and adriatic coast from Borgo Maggiore (Republic of San Marino). This is a 3.2 megapixel high resolution cam, refreshed every 5 minutes, online 24 hours a day!

San Marino
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