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The Kingdom of Norway is situated in Northern Europe. The total area of this country is 385,252 km2. Norway has a population of about 5 million people. The capital of Norway is Oslo. Norway became independent from the Swedish rule in 1905. However, Germany invaded Norway in 1940 and thus the country lost its independent status. Later, Norway succeeded to restore its independence in 1945. Nowadays the land of Norway is rich in natural resources such as petroleum, minerals, natural gas, sea food and lumber. Even though the parliamentary system exists in the country, the king is the head of the state according to the rule of constitutional monarchy which also exists in the country. There are about 86 Norwegian embassies in different countries of the world. The country enjoys a good economic growth rate, which is mainly due to the discovery of natural resources. The beautiful architecture of Norway is depicted in the buildings made up of wood. Wood architecture is very common in Norway. The cuisine of Norway mostly consist of seafood.

Web camera with 3.1 MP with great pictures of Tranby. Only 30km south-west of Oslo.

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