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Sharing its borders with France and the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco is a beautiful country, also known as the Principality of Monaco. The country has been declared to be densely populated with a population of 35,986 people. The world's second smallest country is among the most visited places of the tourists. Monte Carlo is the capital of Monaco. The monarchy form of the government is followed in the country. Prince Albert II is the current head of Monaco. Even so, Monaco is an independent state, yet the security of the country is the responsibility of France. The official language of Monaco is French, whereas the currency is Euro. Fishing is an important natural resource because there are no agricultural activities in Monaco. The casinos of Monaco are a huge source of attraction for the tourists from all around the world. The climate of the country is quite pleasant. The foundation of the economy of Monaco is tourism.

Le Meridien Beach Plaza
With the only private beach access in Monte Carlo, Le Meridien Beach Plaza offers stylish and contemporary guestrooms with unparalleled views overlooking the old town of Monaco, the Port Hercule, its famous Casino and the Grimaldi Forum.

Ports de Monaco
Live streaming view of Port Hercule

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