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The Republic of Moldova is situated in Eastern Europe. The capital of the country is Chisinau. The territory of Moldova is spread over a total area of 33,846 km2. The current estimate for the population of Moldova is 3,559,500. Moldova became independent in 1991 and a brand new constitution for the country was adopted in 1994, which overpowered the Soviet laws existing in the country. Parliament rules are supreme in the country. The gross domestic product report of Moldova shows that the economic growth in the country is very low. However, the wines of Moldova are a great source of income for the people of the country. Wines from Moldova are also exported to many countries. Tourists are therefore taken on wine tours when planning to visit Moldova. The people of the country experience a warm, pleasant climate. Most of the regions of Moldova consist of hilly areas. Agriculture is another common source of income for the people of Moldova. The beautiful landscapes of Moldova are mainly the center of all tourist attractions.

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