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One of the least populated countries in Europe, Latvia has a population of 2 million people and is situated in Northern Europe. Riga is the capital of Latvia. Latvia has a territory of 64,589 km2. Latvia got independence from Russia on November 18, 1918. Geographically, the country lies on the shore of Baltic Sea in the Baltic region. The elections in the country are held after every four years. In 2004, Latvia became a part of the European parliament. Latvia has signed quite a few treaties with US. Europe's third largest underground gas station is located in Latvia. The official language of the country is Latvian. A large population of the country follows Christianity. The health-care facilities in Latvia are not satisfactory mainly because non-availability of latest medicines. Patients have to wait long hours for treatment. The Latvian cuisine consists of meat, eggs, potatoes, onion and other agricultural products. The popular sport of the country is Ice hockey.

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