Gibraltar Webcams

Gibraltar is situated at the start of the Mediterranean Sea, near the southern end of the Liberian peninsula. It is actually a British overseas territory with the total area of 6.8 sq. kilometers. Gibraltar is bordered with Andalusia and Spain. The main landmark of this country is the rock of Gibraltar. The population of Gibraltar according to the latest census in 2009 is 29,431. English is the official language of this state and the educational system is also based on the same language. However, a majority of the people is bilingual and speaks Spanish too. The dominant religion followed by the population of this country is Roman Catholicism, with over 78.1% adepts. Other religions followed are Islam, Hinduism and Jewish. The economic activity is based on the British naval dockyard. The sectors responsible for the healthy economy of this country are internet gaming, financial services, shipping industry and tourism industry. This country has subtropical Mediterranean climate, which means summers are warm and winters are mild.

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