Georgia Webcams

Georgia is an independent state that is situated in the Caucasus region. It is neighbored with black sea, Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The total area covered by Georgia is 69,700 square meters. Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. The population of Georgia is around 4.7 million. The official language of this nation is the Georgian language. Due to the presence of the Black Sea as one of its neighbors, this nation enjoys good economic relations with the neighboring countries. The main sources contributing to GDP are mining, wine making, agriculture and tourism. Georgia is rich in hydropower resources as well. The climate of Georgia is diverse and impressive. It is surrounded by mountainous ranges, which make it a center of attraction for tourists who love mountains. The eastern and western parts of Georgia are divided by the Likhi range of mountains. The landscape of Georgia is very diverse and covers various landscapes, from forests to glaciers. 40% of the country's land is covered with lush green forests.

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