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The Republic of Estonia is a democratic parliamentary state in Northern Europe. Lying in the Baltic region, Estonia is surrounded by the Russian Federation, the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and Lake Peipus. The Estonian people, as well as the culture and language resemble closely to the Finnish elements. The republic is divided into 15 counties. Estonia isn't a large country by area and boasts a low population, of nearly 1.35 million. Even so, it has a very strong and advanced economy with a very high Human Development Index. The country is a member of NATO, European Union, Euro Zone and the OECD. It is also well known for its highest standards of democracy, politics, education and media. Estonian is the official language spoken in the republic. Despite of its meager population, it still doesn't lack in diversity as there are around 110 different languages spoken in this country. The national day of Estonia is celebrated every year on 24th February.

Nice view of the capital Tallinn

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