Cyprus Webcams

Located in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is the third largest island of the area. Its surface is about 9,250 square kilometer and it is bordered by Turkey on south as well as Syria on west. Its capital city is Nicosia. It has been a Greek colony and it came under the influence of several rulers. In 1571 the Turks captured the Island and declared it as their own colony. Its Greek population had been demanding to divide the island into two parts, Greek and Turkish Cyprus. It became an autonomous country in August 16, 1960 when Greece and Turkey reached an agreement which excluded the partition of the country. The country entered into European Union in 2004 and embraced the official currency of Euro. The country's economy is service based. The tourism and financial sector are major business sectors contributing to the growth of its economy. Education service is an emerging business sector and a lot of foreign students are willing to study here after it became the part of European Union.

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