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Croatia is situated on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. A significant part of the country is infertile and stony. The region of Zagorje, located in the northern part of the capital, is quite fertile for cultivation, however. Zagreb, Sava and Danube are the main rivers of the country. More than 66% of the area is forested.Recently (January 2012), a referendum was held to vote for the entry of Croatia in European Union. A clear majority of the nation (66%) as well as large number of Parliamentarians and leading political forces supported the referendum. President of the country said that 2013 will be a "turning point" in the history the country. It is expected that country will get membership of European Union by July 2013.Service industry contributes up to 70% to the total GDP. Agriculture, fishing, food and the drink industries produce significant revenues for the country. The country also produces tobacco. Since forests cover more than 66% of the area of the land, forestry is an important part of the country.

Here You can see actual weather on the island Cres in Croatia!

Croatia Traffic Cams
Traffic webcams in Croatia and information

Zagreb Airport
Live view of the tarmac at Zagreb Airport

Here you have a view onto the port of Porec.

Sibenik weather station with actual data and web cam

Dubrovnik Airport
Live view of Dubrovnik Airport

Sinj Cetina main square
Live webcam Sinj Cetina Dalmatia Croatia - main square and Sinj tour

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