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If you look on the map you will find Bosnia and Herzegovina in a triangular shape. The northern part of the country (the Bosnian Region) consists of a spectacular mountain range and substantial forests cover these mountains. On the other hand, the Southern part (the Herzegovina Region) is quite flat and its land is good for cultivation. The country has a water boundary of around 13 miles along the shore of the Adriatic Sea. In ancient times the country had been conquered by Romans, Ottomans and Turks. Bosnia and Herzegovina announced its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and requested the European Union and other countries to recognize it as an independent territory. In March 1992 a referendum revealed that the people of the country voted for the self-governance and its president announced the country as an independent sovereign state. Its population is comprised of Muslims, Serbs and Croats. Since it is a new born state, it had been facing a lot of difficulties to build the infrastructure of the country.

Ski Resort Jahorina, web cam pointed directly at the slopes.

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