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Belgium is situated in Western Europe and its size is more or less equal to Maryland. It has a very rich coastline on the North Sea. Its main rivers are Meuse and Schelde, which also play an important role as commercial route. It consists of three regions, the Dutch community living in the northern part of the country; the southern part is occupied by the francophone Wallonia and the third zone is the capital Brussels, where French and Dutch are both official languages. There are German speakers as well but they are in minority (around 70,000). A large number of international organizations have their offices in Brussels. NATO has its headquarters in Brussels. The economy of the country is based on extremely developed high-tech growth of the private and public sector as well as very modern transportation network. The specialized industrial and commercial sector ensures the stability of the economy as well. Belgium is famous for the wonderful taste of chocolate. Chocolates are also exported to different countries.

Located 5km NE of Brussels Airport with a view towards the north.

Multimedia Shop
Multimedia Shop Cyber Cafe, Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium.

Wirtzfeld Valley
Weather Webcam in Wirtzfeld Valley, a popular holiday destination in famous Ardennes

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