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Belarus is a country full of hilly lowlands, numerous forests and rivers, as well as lakes. The forests cover over 30% of its land area. Peat marshes which are sharp flowered and manna-grass are found in its wetlands as well. These peat marshes are really precious natural resources of the country. This area has been colonized for several hundred years by different tribes. During the 13th century this area experienced the destruction by Mongols. It was associated with Grand Duchy of Lithuania which had joined venture with Poland in 1772. In 1795 Poland was divided into three states Russia, Prussia and Austria. Belarus was declared the part of Russia.Economy of the country has been facing a lot of crisis issues. Market socialism brought some restricted structural modifications in 1995. A government controlled economy seemed to be the right solution and a growth of over 10% in the GDP was encountered in 2008, which was a remarkable growth at that time.

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