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Armenia has been the part of USSR and gained its independence when the Soviet Union broke up. It shares the boundaries with Georgia on north, Azerbaijan on the eastern side, Iran on the southern side and Turkey on the western side. At present Armenia is only a portion of the old vast and wide Armenian territory. It is home for rough and harsh mountains and destroyed volcanoes. The highest mountain of the country is Mount Aragats. It was the very first country which declared the Christianity as its official religion in the year 300. Many battles were fought on the soil of this country. It was captured and recaptured many times by several invaders such as Greeks, Romans, Persians, Mongols, Arabs, Turks as well as Russians.The country is being supported by the IMF for different development programs. So now the industry is grooming with the passage of time, while the manufacturing industry is producing machinery and textile products for the country. Food items imported from the country as well and its small mineral resources generate revenue for the country.

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