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Andorra is a small country, which covers the area of 468 square km. It is an autonomous co-principality (semi-independent) of Spain and France. It is one of the smallest countries of the continent, being the main reason for maintaining contiguous ties between the two countries. The official language of Andorra is Catalan but native people also speak Spanish and French. During the last couple of last decades the country emerged as one of the best destinations in Europe for tourists. It is also a very good winter sports destination. The flexible laws regarding trade, banking facilities, combined with the very low taxes as well as custom free trade have attracted the investors to settle their business in the country. At present Andorra is a wealthy state for all these reasons. Every year around ten million people visit the country and 80% of the total country's revenue is generated from tourism. The agricultural production is very minimal because of the scarcity of land areas.

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Traffic and road congestion status from Andorra. Several WebCams monitor roads for traffic jam.

The webcams of the Principality of Andorra. Private and public webcams.

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