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Panama is Central America's southernmost country. It is located on the isthmus and connects South and North America.Panama is bordered by Colombia to southeast, Costa Rica to west, Pacific Ocean to southand Caribbean to north. Panama City is its capital. Panama, which was explored and established by the Spanish in sixteenth century, joined the union of Ecuador, Nueva Granada and Venezuela, and is often referred to as the Republic of Gran Colombia, after becoming independent from Spain in 1821. After the latter was dissolved in 1830, Nueva Granada and Panama continued to be joined. Later, Nueva Granada started to be known as Republic of Colombia. With the support of the United States of America, Panama separated from Colombia in 1903. Panama is known to have the 3rd or 4th largest economy in Central America. Panama is also the biggest per-capita consumer and has its fastest rising economy in the Central America. In terms of the Human Development Catalog, Panama was ranked fourth among the Latin American countries in 2010.

The Panama Canal
The Panama Canal Webcam transmits images from various angles at the Miraflores Locks, in the Canal's Pacific Sector. Here you can observe this engineering wonder of the world in operation and watch every type of vessel imaginable in transit. Surf the entire website at for more fascinating information on the Canal in English or in Spanish. Panama City, Republic of Panama.

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