US Virgin Islands Webcams

US Virgin Islands is undoubtedly the greenest island in the United States. The two third of the whole area of the US Virgin Islands is covered with parks, beaches and pastures. For people who like hiking, mountaineering and snorkeling, this is the best place to be, even if you are not from the United States. Most of the natural landscape is preserved in US Virgin Islands, so people can also see nature at its best and do some camping as well. The most commercialized place in the US Virgin Islands is no other than the St. Thomas. The place is known for its resorts with spectacular facilities and affordable rates as well. If you enjoy water sports you can opt for scuba diving, for example, as well as many other options. All in all, make sure you do not miss this destination because it is one of the most spectacular you could get.

St John Webcam
Live view from Bordeaux Mtn. St John, US Virgin Islands. The Camera is facing East looking out over Coral Bay and the British Virgin Islands.

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