St Barthelemy Webcams

This lonely island of St. Barthelemy is located in the extreme northeastern area of the Caribbean Sea. Its nearest country is Puerto Rico and the nearest Caribbean Island is St. Martin. This island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and it became a French colony in 1648. This is very Small Island which covers the area of just 24 square kilometer, but it is very famous mainly for its natural beauty. St. Barthelemy is surrounded by 22 beaches with stunning and remarkable beautiful features.The island consists of several beautiful valleys and on top of the mountains, volcanoes can be found, which bring the abrupt changes most of the time. These valleys are exceptionally attractive because of their natural architecture and unique landscape. The land of this island is not feasible for cultivation and also its small size as well as its isolated location could not attract the investors to initiate any industry. Tourism is the only source of income of the state and it is growing day by day.

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