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Guadeloupe was discovered by Columbus in 1493. This is the part of West Indian States and is situated in southeast of Puerto Rico. The country has two main islands (Basse Terre and Grande Terre) along with five other small territories which are also the part of the state. It had been a French colony from 1635 and later on it was included in French domain. It was declared an overseas department of France in 1946. The economy of the country has been relying on the agriculture sector mainly. This sector contributed to the generation of sufficient revenue for the country by growing sugar plant, cotton, cocoa and coffee. Nowadays the tourism industry is playing its part for the wellbeing of the Guadeloupe. In recent years the country emerged as the heaven of tourists. This is because the country has developed facilities and vacation spots for the tourists. It has been earning the most revenue out of all the Caribbean Islands through the industry of tourism.

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