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Grenada is an autonomous country situated in the West Indies. It has one big and six small Islands. The biggest island of the country is Grenada. The group of these islands is situated in northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. These Islands are surrounded by the waters of Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus explored these islands in 1498. Natives of these islands had been very aggressive and unfriendly to the foreigners, which is why the territory remained independent until 1650. It had then been a territory of British and French, as both forces had been fighting to get control over these Islands. It became an independent country again in February 7, 1974. St. George is the biggest city and also the capital of the country. Around 7500 people are permanent residents of these islands. The economy of the country is service based; tourism and education are the maintain services to generate the major part of revenue. Agriculture sector also contributes by producing nutmeg, bananas, cocoa, some other vegetables and fruits.

Grenada Explorer
Camera overlooks the harbor and town of St.George's from approximately 300ft elevation and facing towards the northwest.

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