Bonaire Webcams

Bonaire is situated out of the hurricane belt of Caribbean Islands. This island was visited by a couple of European explorers in 1499 and they claimed it the territory of Spain. Spanish people came here to uncover the reserves of gold but they could not find any so in result they never tried to develop this island. Spanish developed the culture of slavery and depopulated this island. Spanish, Dutch and British had been fighting over this island for several years. The economy of this island is entirely based on services for tourists. This island is the favorite place for snorkelers and scuba divers. Bonaire has been ranked as the finest location in the world for scuba diving. It also has been constantly renowned as the most excellent destination for snorkeling. One major reason for being so famous and prominent place is that the government of the island worked really hard to take care of the marine resources.

This camera is located down town Kralendijk in the Kaya Grandi at the RE/MAX Bonaire office

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