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It is said that Barbados is one the best Caribbean Islands to visit and stay. It had been a British Colony for several years. It emerged as independent and self-governing country after the British left the state in 1966. It is situated near the states of St. Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines. This is one of the largest Islands among the Caribbean State Islands. Its area is 166 square miles. Around 285,000 people are residents of this state nowadays. The Barbados dollar is the currency of the state. The economy of the country had been facing serious issues for several years but its people gradually moved it towards stability and nowadays it is much consistent. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining had been contributing a lot to the growth of economy but with the passage of time many other industries grew and have gained the importance. Very important to mention about the light manufacturing industry of the country which is growing day by day and exporting electrical equipment to different countries.

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