Aruba Webcams

Aruba is a very small island located in south of Lesser Antilles (Caribbean). It is an autonomous country and has an identity of a member state of Netherlands. Spanish people came to this state in search of gold but they failed to find anything on this small island. After the Spanish left this country, the Dutch arrived here in the 17th century and they have been lucky enough to uncover the treasure of gold. A boom in the economy of Aruba was observed when the Dutch could find a lot of reserves of gold in 1916. Its area is around 69 square miles and hosts a population of 103,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the shoreline of Venezuela. The Aruban Florin is its currency. The economy of the country is supported by numerous industries. The main contribution to strengthening the economy is the one of the tourism industry. Finally, the export industry also plays an important role and contributes at its best by exporting live stock products, electrical equipments and machinery to its neighboring countries.

Bucuti Beach Resort
Live picture of the beach at Bucuti Beach Resort in Aruba; updated every 10 minutes between 7 am and 6 pm Aruba time.

Playa Linda
Playa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba, Pool view camera. Images updated between 6am-6pm.

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