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The largest continent in the world is Asia. It is the one with the largest population, which is around 3.8 billion people. This population is 60% of the whole world. The total area covered by Asia on the globe is 44,579,000 km2 on the eastern and western hemispheres. This continent comprises forty eight countries. These countries are commonly known as Asian countries. There are many languages spoken in these countries and each Asian country has more than one native language. For instance Indonesia alone has 600 different languages, India has less than 900 languages and Philippines has 100 and above languages. The population of Asian countries has diverse religious belief. The most popular religions found in Asian countries are Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. The economy of Asia is the second largest among all the continents. China, japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia are the largest Asian economies. However, Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand are the nations with the highest economic growth rate.

• Cambodia (1)
• China (3)
• India (0)
• Indonesia (3)
• Japan (7)
• Philippines (2)
• Singapore (1)
• South Korea (0)
• Taiwan (0)
• Thailand (9)

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