Reunion Island Webcams

Reunion Island is one of the most fascinating places on earth, which is unknown to many travelers. It is a beautiful island located at the center of the Indian Ocean. The number of population of this island is 839,500 according to census of 2011. The total area covered by this island is 2,512 km2. The length of this island is 63 kilometers and width is 45 kilometers. This island is very much similar to the island of Hawaii. Tourism industry of reunion republic contributes a huge portion in the economic growth. This island comprises of many ethical groups like Indians, Chinese, Africans and Europeans. The population following religion in highest number is Roman Catholicism. However, the other religion followers are Hindus, Muslims, Chinese and Buddhist. The official language of the Reunion Island is French. The other most commonly heard languages are reunion Creole, Mandarin, Hakka, Arabic, Tamil and Cantonese. There is a mixture of many cultures that makes the culture of this island diverse and unique.

Located in the north of the island this webcam has a view of the river with the Indian Ocean in the distance.

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