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The Republic of Mauritius, which spectacularly came into existence because of a volcanic activity, is a beautiful country. The Republic of Mauritius is actually a splendid island. The country got independence from United Kingdom in the year 1968. The capital of the country is Port Louis, with English as the official language of the country. Mauritius is a democratic country, which achieved the status of republic in the year 1992. The rule of law in the country is the British common and the French civil law. Geographically, the country is surrounded by a range of mountains. Radiant rivers and sublime streams can be explored across the island. The island is spread over a vast area of 2040 km2. The country possesses 9 districts. The departments of tourism, textile, sugar and financial provision are the basis of the economy of the country. The island is one of the world's biggest tourist destinations, as it entertains the tourists with its folklore music and great cultural values.

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