Ascension Island Webcams

Ascension Island was discovered in the holy day of Ascension. This volcanic Island is located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is governed by the British Overseas dominion of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. The Island extends over an area of 82 km2. Most of its area has wasted fields of lava. Earlier, the island was arid. However, some species were introduced later at the island which became the source of growth of small forests. Unlike any other country which has a primitive population, there is no local population at the island. People from Britain have come to stay at the Ascension Island. Citizens of other countries are living here as well, making the total population of the island of about 880. The capital of this Island is Georgetown, which is known to be the main settlement and consists of houses, markets, government house and post office. Economic activity is conducted on a military base known as Wide-awake Airfield. The primary item for export is the Ascension Island postage stamps. Due to the lack of efficient transportation facilities, tourism does not really exist.

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